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Meet the eight startups accessing seed-funding & an extra four months of the Plus Eight Accelerator Program!

Jul 16, 2020

With 2020 bringing with it changes to the way we work, connect and grow, one thing we have not seen is a shift in passion. The teams mentioned below were not only chosen to progress in the program because of their great ideas, but because of their unwavering commitment and passion to the growth of their businesses.

Now, with access to seed funding and an additional four months in the accelerator program, these startups have the opportunity to refine their business models as they make their way towards the final Pitch Night. But before then, they’ll have the chance to head to Margaret River to discover local founders and dial in with global talents, hearing their stories and learning key takeaways. 

They’ll continue with weekly masterclasses, as we take advantage of the industry experts on hand throughout the city, as well as opportunities to be connected with those across our network to ensure their business is strong and ready for further investment when they pitch to a full house later in the year.

So, let’s introduce them below!


Ads on Wheels
Daniel Schoonderwoerd and Michael Palmer
Ads on Wheels is a community based advertising platform that pays everyday drivers to advertise on their car. Ads on Wheels combines its advanced technology to allow drivers to drive & earn on either it’s iOS & Android platforms through a seamless app. This tech also allows businesses to monitor each campaign with high end heat maps, kilometres gained and driver behaviour all through their custom web portal.


Barkley Richard Day, Farai Ikeleng, Rachel Leanne Hannah and Nikolaus Wust
Akora is a licensed property management company, managing residential real estate on behalf of investment property owners for a fixed fee of $150 a month. Akora runs on a purpose built, fully transparent platform that integrates the whole property management process into one location to drive efficiency through the automation of internal processes such as trust accounting, maintenance management and communications.



DiGii Social

Claire Orange and Doug Orange

DiGii Pty Ltd is an EdTech company providing an innovation solution for cyber-education of children and their families.



Grow Impact

Tobias Schoep, Tara McLaren and Paul Watt

Grow Impact is a spin out company of one of Australia’s largest medical research institutes, the Telethon Kids Institute. In a world first, Grow Impact offers the innovative software solution Momentum Empowering ImpactTM­ that helps research organisations show funders how investment helps progress research.




Lorena Sumich and Jahney Smith

KIXXFIT allows health and fitness professionals to easily grow their own online services, their way by providing them with a dedicated platform for them to upload, feature and monetise their health and fitness content. This allows not only new clients to discover them, but their loyal clients to enjoy them more often.




Blake Cassidy, Martin McGinty and Len Luxford

Using real-time and verified data, our patented smart sensor technology and user Apps provide Smart Cities, councils, businesses and homes with the information to minimise landfill and costs, improve recycling and enable better choices when it comes to waste. Our unique sensor technology is the first product in Australia available at a size and cost to roll out across entire communities. Not just public bins, all bins – waste-sensing at scale. Linked to our intuitive user software, our waste management insights and feedback loops have the capacity to remove the burden of waste entirely. A new era of waste intelligence, because #wastematters to us all.




Braden Smith and Ryan Smith

Quax has a mission to create Australia’s largest online wealth management marketplace by digitizing personal tax compliance and wealth for the average person.



The Ladies' Project

Shah Turner and Emma Jacobson

The Ladies' Project, is an online social networking platform for women; making it easy and affordable for women of every culture to meet, make friends and practise speaking English in a safe and supportive online environment.


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