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Grow & scale your business with the flexibility of Spacecubed

Mar 10, 2021

Coworking offices are so much more than just desks, chairs and good WiFi. Nowadays, being a member of a coworking space gives you access to a range of exciting opportunities, including the chance to grow your business in a space that is as flexible as you are.

The new remote working opportunities presented by the worldwide pandemic, gave both employees and employers the chance to access a more flexible lifestyle. With virtual interactions driving innovation across the globe, going back to the 9-5, office-centric work style is now in the past.

Outlined in our latest collaboration report with Ewert Leafs EliLabs, The Third Space, Spacecubed discovered the need and demand for business owners to have a flexible, meetup space that caters to the growing post-pandemic needs.

Within the report, we outlined our data-centric approach showing that ‘3 in 4 businesses are considering post COVID-19 'meet up' spaces’. And even larger corporations including Slack are changing their views on the modern workplace. Stewart Butterfield, CEO and co-founder of Slack, shared his thoughts on this new lifestyle. "We all know that work will never be the same, even if we don’t yet know all the ways in which it will be different. What we can say with certainty is that the sudden shift to distributed work has provided a once-in-a-generation opportunity to reimagine everything about how we do our jobs and how we run our companies."

So, how can flexible spaces support your business growth? Discover Spacecubed’s approach below.

Flexible Membership Options
With many business owners getting stuck in long-term leases during the lockdown period, and not being able to change their terms or be offered any rent-relief, they're now looking towards flexible solutions that allow them to save money and be prepared if anything happens in the future. With this in mind, Spacecubed are offering our members access to a new hybrid way of working, with teams switching between days in an office and days at home.

At Spacecubed, you pay per desk and not per team member, so you have the flexibility to move from the shared workspace, to your home office as you please. We’re also passionate about providing a membership solution with no hidden costs or extras. With us, you’ll know exactly what you’re getting and for what price. Discover our membership options here, or access our trial options from just $200 for 30 days.

Networking Events & Meetups
Coworking spaces are home to a range of recurring events, meetups and workshops and here at Spacecubed it’s no exception. We host community events including Happy Hour and Breakfasts, where members can get together to network, and discuss ideas as well as support local meetups by offering them free space to build their own communities. As a member, you’ll have access to all events within our spaces, as well as discounts and local benefits to help your business grow at a startup friendly cost.

Growth Programs

If you’re looking to rapidly grow your business, or increase your skill set our local and regional initiatives can help you do just that. From our Plus Eight accelerator program (Expressions of Interest open now!) to She Codes providing pathways for women into tech, and even our regional innovation arm, Meshpoints, we’re able to support business growth daily. 

So, if your business has been looking for an affordable solution to their new workspace, reach out to us today to learn how the Spacecubed community can help you achieve more.

With no overheads, no lock-in contracts and the chance to get to work right away, there’s nothing holding you back. Click here to discover which space is right for you or get started on one of our trial options today! Just $200 for 30 days, available until the end of March.